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Quality System

○ 6σ Systems and Excellence Models

     Based on a Quality, enviromental and risk prevention System: 

 - Nº defective products < 4x10-6.

  - Satisfaction so clients as interested parties.

  - Social Commitment.



○ ISO 9001 Quality System

  Control and improvement of product or service.

      Repetitions reduction and increasing of answer capacity.

Present client Satisfaction improving and increasing of potential clients.

○ EN 9100 Quality System

   Sistema ISO 9001 adaptado al aerospace sector.
  Include equipment and system configuration management.


○ ISO/TS 16949 Quality system.

  ISO quality system adapted to automobile sector on al the production chain ,suppliers included.

○ ISO 13485 Quality system

   ISO 9001 system adapted to sanitary sector .

  Includes the Sanitary Product Directive requirements into a voluntary scheme, support for a CE marking.

   Provides past and future traceability .