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The research group UCM-ELEC has extensive experience in the design of electronic devices used for emission detection of single photon using analog electronics in particular

Shaper-forming pulse of very short duration on the order of ns, having built sub-ns peak of 4.5 V generator prototypes from a generator with raising and decay times similar to those of a GAPD and a shaper-forming pulse based on a stub and a SRD device (Step Recovery Diode) .

Ultrafast photodetectors in different spectrum band.  



The group "Quantum Information and Computing Group" established the first experimental QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) line in the country and currently is working on the possible integration of quantum networks with the standard communications infrastructure.



The Electronics and Control Group (GEA) works IIT from 15 years in national and international projects in the field of electronics, automation, power electronics, the development of embedded electronic systems, microcontrollers, electromagnetic compatibility and wireless communications. Has extensive experience in digital electronics.